Walking The Remembrance Run

Planning on walking the Remembrance 5k? Need some support and guidance?

This year we have teamed up with FitWALKireland to develop a training schedule for the thousands of you that will be walking on November 13th.

The professionally designed fitWALK Schedule is designed to support you over the next eight weeks to the day of the big event.


The Schedule takes you from stepping, to strolling, to fitness walking.

You’ll get fitter, faster, and slimmer and able complete the 5k course with confidence in a time you can be proud of!


Each week the FitWALK Schedule recommend a day-by-day training programme and gives you advice on different aspect of fitness walking. Click on the week to view and download or print a weekly schedule:


week 1 – getting into the habit!


Week 2 – Better Preparation!


Week 3 – Improving Posture


week 4 – aerobic walking!


week 5 – stridewalking!


week 6 – powerwalking!


week 7 – better footwork!


week 8 – final preparations!



If you are already reasonably active and fit you will still find the tips on preparation, techniques, and preparation useful.


If you are interested in joining in simply e-mail the words

remembrance walkerto info@fitwalkireland.com

You will receive weekly email updates starting

the week of September 14th.